ТМ "Romatti Coffee"

ТМ "Romatti Coffee"

Магазин (предприятие)

The company «Romatti» one of the first in the Eastern region of Ukraine. We offer only freshly roasted coffee, which makes it possible to estimate impeccable taste and aroma. Our specialists have been trained by the leading coffee producers in Italy, and their technology have opened to us the secrets of making new blends and flavors. Our company carries out quality control of products from the purchase of coffee to its sales. TM «Romatti» offers a wide selection of coffee beans 100% Arabica, more than 40 varieties of coffee, harvested by hand and fry them on the advanced technologies that meet the highest international standards.

Адрес: Украина, Донецк , Горького, 146, оф. 106
Ориентир: пл.Ленина
Телефоны: 099-640-94-01 - Сергей
067-621-61-91 - Сергей
062-208-17-02 - Сергей
ICQ: 478202839

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